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April 2022

Posted on April 24, 2022 at 2:55 PM

Spring has been particularly reluctant to start this year, teasing us with one warm day, then plunging us back onto wintery temperatures for several, even annoying us with a bit of snow here and there. I'm pleased to see that my bulbs are quite defiantly popping up despite Mother Nature's mood swings.

Luna arrived safely and I'm delighted to say that my little granddaughter shares my birthday!  What a precious gift indeed.  She's very small and quite sweet unless something annoys her, then she makes it known to all around her....typical Aries!!

As far as my work goes I'm thrilled to say I currently have four paintings for sale in The Loft Gallery in Thornbury, and even more exciting is that one of my pieces sold recently.  Quite a lift that I sorely needed; in actual fact when I received notification of the sale I was feeling rather down so that helped me through an otherwise difficult day.  In more recent news I am also very excited to be part of a show with two of my works at The Craig Gallery in Meaford.  The show opened last Friday, April 22 with a reception that was apparently quite well attended.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend as it was a conflict of commitments.  The show runs until May 6.

The Twitter Art Exhibit will open on June 25, in York, UK at 6pm  with online sales will follow. These postcards are a flat price and your purchases can be shipped all over the world. (shipping extra). I've been so happy that the past four years my card has sold on opening night.  Fingers crossed for a fifth opening night sale!  

In my province of Ontario, most restrictions are a thing of the past, although the cases of Covid continue to rise.  Masks are no longer needed unless it's a hospital, congregate care situation or attending medical office visits.  At the flower shop where I work we are still wearing masks and indeed in my experience of shopping I see most people are still wearing them.  I will continue to wear it whilst shopping myself. 

Stay safe, and hope for peace in our troubled world.

Blessings to all.


The Loft Gallery, 18 Bruce Street, Thornbury, ON


The Craig Gallery, 4 Sykes Street, Meaford, ON

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