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March 2022

Posted on March 4, 2022 at 10:15 AM

It's been a long time since I wrote on this blog, I've had some techincal issues but at last they seem to be resolved.

The current Covid situation has improved steadily since my last entry.  My province of Ontario has loosened almost all of the restrictions and in the most recent days has removed the requirement of vaccination passports prevously needed to enter such establishments as restaurants and gyms.  They are hinting at soon lifting the mandatory mask regulations but I'm not sure I feel entirely comfortable with that and probably will continue wearing mine in public settings.

With March arriving I am hoping for Spring to arrive soon.  There's still quite a bit of snow on the ground, we had several dumpings of snow last month, thankfully not around Valentine's Day!  It's been cold too, but today it's gloriously sunny.

My family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Luna, my second grandchild to join us on March 24th, which happens to be my birthday!  What a fantastic birthday present! She and I will celebrate together, hopefully for many years.

Now to turn to my work.  I've been busy!  Here's what I've been up to these past months.

On September 25, I was part of a lovely outdoor art event, hosted by Lory MacDonald (Artfest).  This took place on Lory's own beautiful property in Nottawa, a small village just outside Collingwood.  It was a great day, seeing some old friends and making new contacts, despite the heavy rain in the afternoon which forced us to close a bit early.

Another live event I participated in was at one of my favourite venues, the Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg.  As it was indoors, no interference from Mother Nature!  A big shout out and thank you to Alex and all the wonderful volunteers who all made it a great day.  Another successful day shared with many old friends and new contacts.  

In November I took in seven paintings to the annual Square Foot Show, hosted by The Loft Gallery in Thornbury.  I was thrilled and frankly quite surprised that all of my paintings sold quite quickly.  The show was online and at the gallery from November until the end of December.  This led to a great opportunity; I was asked by Heather, who is the gallery owner to bring in some more of my work, specifically my apple paintings.  I'm pleased to say that I received notification last weekend that one of the three pieces I took in was sold. Heather is a wonderful person to deal with, I just couldn't ask for more pleasant interaction.

The next project I turned my attention to was one of my very favourites.  The annual Twitter Art Exhibit, this year in support of The Encephalitis Society in England.  The event will be live in June, at the Hiscox Centre, a beautiful venue in York, curated by the very charming Matthew Bose.  I decided to paint another apple piece, and it's my hope that it will sell, perhaps on Opening Night!  It's my sixth year participating and I'm so very honoured to say that the past three have sold on actual opening night! Last year, (blowing myown horn here, forgive me) I was beyond thrilled to be chosen by one of the Twitter Art Exhibit board members and my little postcard was given a full page in the catalogue.  So honoured.

I am currently working on rebranding myself.  I've designed a new logo and business card, and will be updating this website with new colours and the logo shortly.

Here's to an early Spring.  Stay safe.  Please keep in your hearts all those suffering in Eastern Europe and Russia.  Strength to those fighting for their freedom in all corners of our planet.

Love conquers all.

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