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February....My Most Hated Month.

Posted on February 6, 2021 at 9:25 AM

Yes it's true.  I've always hated February, it's an annoying little month that, although is the always seems the longest to me.  Of course this has been made much more to dread as it's the month of Valentine's Day....a day which most florists agree is the most chaotic.  Last year was the first of many that I did not dread, as I was at home thinking instead about my upcoming warm holiday.  Of course that's not happening this year, and maybe not even next, and I'm fine with that.  I just hope that this year brings about some relief from this awful virus which has so impacted our world for more than a year.  On that topic, things have improved somewhat, as a "stay at home" order was issued by our provincial governement in late January.  I was issued an exemption letter stating that I could travel back and forth to my job.  Once there we are locked in and when the workday is over I go home and stay there.  Once a week we shop for our groceries and other necessary items.  The numbers are down slightly but the concern is the variant strain that has been increasing.  Finally the federal government has come to the conclusion that traveling might not be a good idea and has got the major airlines that fly to popular sunny destinations to stop until April 30.  Also the federal government has imposed mandatory Covid testing for anyone entering Canada and forcing them to quarantine in a government approved hotel at their own expense.  I was happy to hear it but it's rather like shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped.  Next week our provincial government is apparently going to announce whether certain areas will cautiously reopen.  As my particular area of Ontario is a "hotspot" I'm fairly confident that we could remain in a lockdown situation.  It will be a different Valentine's Day!!!

I have sent my Twitter Art submission 'Three Green Apples', and it's been safely received in support of Leukaemia Intensive Chemotherapy

(LINC) in Cheltenham, UK.

I've been so thrilled that in the past three Twitter Art Exhibits, my little postcard has sold on opening night.  I hope I'm lucky enough to have it happen again.

Next I am going to be working on my contribution to Explorers Against Extinction taking place in Norfolk, UK, in fact quite close to where we last lived.  I will update this next month.  

Stay safe, please listen to your public health restrictions.  

Blessings to all.

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