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September!?????? You Crept Up On Me.

Posted on September 14, 2020 at 11:45 AM

Hello and yes it's already September which I can barely comprehend.  The land is preparing to go for that long nap, changing into those autumn colours ever so slowly yet too quickly.  So naturally I'm now in "store food" mode.  I've made a few jars of preserved items, beetroot and relish and am preparing to bottle tomatoes and make salsa.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually bought a box of tomatoes yesterday as my own crop has turned out to be a little disappointing. Today I froze some of them in bags....I'm already thinking about soup. The temperature today is only 17C (which I'm sure I'll be wishing for in a few weeks). This summer was nought but a fleeting dream....or at times a very peculiar nightmare. I never imagined that masks and shortages would be something that is now an everyday occurrence.

Today I'm participating in an online event.  I haven't had much response so far, but like I've mentioned before, this is something I'm trying as obviously physical shows have simply not happened and probably won't this year.  As far as Covid-19 in my area goes, well, unfortunately the numbers are rising.  There's been a few incidents in my city of large parties and gatherings without much regard for public health recommendations being followed.  It's been recorded that a lot of cases are now occurring in the 29-40 year old population.  It's worrying and annoying that we've come so far only to slide back into high cases.  Of course schools are open too, on a staggered basis, some parents opting to continue online learning where possible.  I'm still sanitising everything that enters my house.  

As for my work...I have been slacking off in terms of painting anything.  I have a number of projects I must get to, but until lately I had zero enthusiasm. This past weekend I did start a fairly large piece I've been thinking about however, a 36"x36" canvas which I'm happy to say is coming along.  Today, while I monitor the online event I'm working on some keychains. I am also going to add a new Christmas card to my line of cards, so I'll be creating a new painting for that purpose.  Lots to get done! 

Stay safe, and keep vigilant.  Protect your health!

Blessings to all.

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