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Uncertainty And Creativity

Posted on May 30, 2020 at 12:00 AM

As always, before writing an new blog post I reread the last one I posted.  I read how uncertain everything was in early April.  As you all know, this uncertainty still prevails over much if not all of our planet.  Globally, everyone and everything has been affected by COVID-19.  

In my province of Ontario, Canada, we are still under a state of emergency, and will be until at least June 9, as the health officials and other experts consider our situation.  The ban on gatherings of more than five people is still in place. Some things have changed, however, with certain businesses being allowed to reopen while adhering to strict guidelines.  Only shops and services with street entrances are allowed to do this, while limiting the numbers of persons allowed inside to embrace physical distancing. Masks are commonplace on our streets; schools are remaining closed and university and colleges have moved to online courses.  Playgrounds, pools and other public and private sports facilities remain off limits.  The shortages have eased somewhat, except for yeast, which I was lucky enough to find eventually.  

There have been a few instances of rebellion, as people understandably are very concerned about the devastating effect that COVID-19 is having on our economies around the world.  From an artist's viewpoint, all physical shows are off the table and it's especially difficult to sell art online.  Today I attended a webinar specifically aimed at that exact topic, and I am pleased to say that it was most informative, so a shoutout to Tanya Mazza at the Town of Collimgwood and to Ben Frisch for this most welcome hour of tips and advice.

As far as my personal experiences with COVID-19 go...In our family there have been a few birthdays that we've either celebrated via FaceTime or as in the case of my little grandson Niko's second birthday yesterday sitting in my garden separated.  I've not been out anywhere much except to my house in Meaford.  Once there I stayed at home and painted a fairly large piece, something that I have not done for some time. last my little block is finally over and since that painting was completed I haven't stopped, painting nearly every day with my old enthusiasm.  I'm very excited about my new work and will post it in my gallery here shortly.

I want to thank Sandy Horvat-McIntyre, a dear friend who graciously allowed me to paint one of her wonderful photos of a pansy.  I'd forgotten how charming they are.  It has inspired me to paint others and I'm working on a series of four.  I've completed two and am right in the middle of the third.  I already know what the fourth one will be.

There's so much to be thankful for despite the world being in this dreadful crisis which is COVID-19.  

Stay safe, stay positive and if you're able stay home.  Blessings to all. 

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