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The Art of Anne Henvey

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Uncertainty And Creativity

Posted on May 30, 2020 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (3)

As always, before writing an new blog post I reread the last one I posted.  I read how uncertain everything was in early April.  As you all know, this uncertainty still prevails over much if not all of our planet.  Globally, everyone and everything has been affected by COVID-19.  

In my province of Ontario, Canada, we are still under a state of emergency, and will be until at least June 9, as the health officials and other experts consider our situation.  The ban on gatherings of more than five people is still in place. Some things have changed, however, with certain businesses being allowed to reopen while adhering to strict guidelines.  Only shops and services with street entrances are allowed to do this, while limiting the numbers of persons allowed inside to embrace physical distancing. Masks are commonplace on our streets; schools are remaining closed and university and colleges have moved to online courses.  Playgrounds, pools and other public and private sports facilities remain off limits.  The shortages have eased somewhat, except for yeast, which I was lucky enough to find eventually.  

There have been a few instances of rebellion, as people understandably are very concerned about the devastating effect that COVID-19 is having on our economies around the world.  From an artist's viewpoint, all physical shows are off the table and it's especially difficult to sell art online.  Today I attended a webinar specifically aimed at that exact topic, and I am pleased to say that it was most informative, so a shoutout to Tanya Mazza at the Town of Collimgwood and to Ben Frisch for this most welcome hour of tips and advice.

As far as my personal experiences with COVID-19 go...In our family there have been a few birthdays that we've either celebrated via FaceTime or as in the case of my little grandson Niko's second birthday yesterday sitting in my garden separated.  I've not been out anywhere much except to my house in Meaford.  Once there I stayed at home and painted a fairly large piece, something that I have not done for some time. last my little block is finally over and since that painting was completed I haven't stopped, painting nearly every day with my old enthusiasm.  I'm very excited about my new work and will post it in my gallery here shortly.

I want to thank Sandy Horvat-McIntyre, a dear friend who graciously allowed me to paint one of her wonderful photos of a pansy.  I'd forgotten how charming they are.  It has inspired me to paint others and I'm working on a series of four.  I've completed two and am right in the middle of the third.  I already know what the fourth one will be.

There's so much to be thankful for despite the world being in this dreadful crisis which is COVID-19.  

Stay safe, stay positive and if you're able stay home.  Blessings to all. 

Welcome Spring; A Sobering Event This Year

Posted on April 3, 2020 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Usually at this time of year we see a joyful celebration of the Earth's return to new life. 

This year, of course is much different.  Of course I'm referring to the terrifying events that have transformed our planet into a place full of worry and anxiety, of fear and of death.  I was in Florida recently and as my annual holiday came to a close, the reality of CoVid-19 began to make an unwelcome appearance.  Suddenly there was an urgency in people we encountered in shops; staples such as toilet paper, beans, rice, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes were completely absent from all store shelves in all of the six states that we travelled through to reach home. Our journey back to Canada became a mission to try and obtain a few items as we simply did not know what we would be returning to, other than the certainty of self isolation. I managed to buy one bag of rice, one bag of dried black beans and a few tins of soup.  We were lucky to still have a little bottle of hand sanitizer that is always in our vehicle.  

As far as painting goes, I've managed to paint a few miniatures, tiny canvasses with magnetic backing which I'm pairing with some of my cards as a set, but not much else. I just cannot muster up any enthusiasm, I hope this passes. I've got a stack of blank canvasses sitting accusingly on a shelf.  At this point I'm uncertain as to whether there will be any summer shows to attend. 

I did however finish and send my contribution to the wildlife charity in England that I mentioned in my last blog.  It has been received and they are hoping that the exhibition will go on in November.  However we are in uncertain times and we will have to wait to see what tranpsires in the coming months. Below is 'Sumatran Baby'.

On this note I should add that the Twitter Art Exhibit, taking place this year in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has been postponed from April 3, indefinitely.  It came as no surprise, and although disappointing, it is the wisest choice to make.

In my province of Ontario, Canada all social gatherings of more than five persons are banned.  I'm sure that this will be amended in the near future to none at all. 

People need to listen and stop thinking that this virus will not happen to them.  Ask the thousands of people who have already either contracted CoVid-19 or have lost a loved one to it. Ask the thousands of health care workers who are witnessing the horror first hand.   

Stay safe, healthy and above all protect yourself and your loved ones.  If you're able....stay at home.  And thank your grocery workers, truck drivers, nurses, doctors and everyone who is helping the country to survive.

Blessings to all.

February. The Tuesday Of The Months.

Posted on February 4, 2020 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (3)

Hello February.

As I've been working from home the winter hasn't been nearly as bad as other years.  Of course I know that it's because I've had no commute anxiety this season.  It's also going by a lot faster than I've experienced in the past for the same reason I'm sure.  To be fair though, this winter has been surprisingly kind, and not the doom and gloom scenario that was being predicted by the weather experts earlier in the season.  There's been a lot of strange weather related events globally as well.  Fires in Australia of epic proportions, earthquakes and flooding in various other parts of the world.  Mother Nature is angry.

Last month I completed my Twitter Art Exhibit contribution, in support of the Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs organisation.  Being that it's taking place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which incidentally is an old stomping ground of mine, I decided on green tomatoes as my subject.  It's a southern dish, and I thought it appropriate for the area. I've posted some photos of 'Green Tomatoes' below:

It took over two weeks to arrive at the gallery in Myrtle Beach but I'm happy to say it's there and has been posted to Twitter by the curator of this year's event. I'm hoping that it will sell quickly in support of Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs.  For the past two years I've been thrilled that my little postcard has sold on opening night.  Could I be lucky enough to score a hat trick?  Here's hoping.  This year marks the tenth anniversary of Twitter Art Exhibit.  Much money has been raised benefitting various charities during these ten years.  I've been part of it for five, I really wish I'd known about it sooner, but assuredly I will continue to support this fantastic organisation. 

My next project is a bigger piece and will be sent to England, ironically to the city that is close to where we last lived.  This event is in support of endangered animals and habitats.  I'll be writing more about that in my next blog.

Blessings to you all.  Stay warm.

Happy New Year; Welcome 2020 And The Knowledge Of The Secret Key

Posted on January 4, 2020 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello and Happy New Year.  

Before I start pondering on what I hope to accomplish in 2020, I must share a story that took place on the very last day of 2019.

My son and his girlfriend had traveled to New York City to attend a concert and rented a car for the drive.  He was due to return the car at noon on December 31 so just after 11am I started my car, tossed in my purse and proceeded to clean the snow off in order to pick him up from the rental place.  I should just add that I have a new car with a fob/push button real key needed as long as you have the fob on your person.  It also has a handy "walk away lock" feature meaning it locks automatically when you have the key in your pocket or purse, saving those precious seconds it takes to manually push the lock button. Yes that's sarcasm....but it's incredible how easy that feature is to get used to.  However getting back to the story, after cleaning off the snow, the car  had made the decision, all on it's own, to lock all the doors and the tailgate.  My "key" fob, on the same keyring as my house keys sat smugly in my purse on the front seat where I could see it.  My phone was also in the purse. I had already locked the house and my son, having only the rental car keys did not have a house key on him.  He was already late for the car return but managed to give my daughter a quick call to get her to come and unlock the house.  He set off for the rental agent.  When my daughter arrived we unlocked the door to the house and I hoped the extra set of car "keys" was in the drawer and not in my husband's pocket. To my relief they were there and I hurriedly went out to unlock the car.  Nope.  It would not open the doors, or the tailgate.  Remember the car is still running and I began to wonder if it would run out of fuel.  We examined the fob and as she had looked up possible reasons why the second fob wouldn't work we found a button that we thought opened up the fob to change a weak battery.  It didn't.  We also discovered that the driver's door had an actual key hole so I raked around in the key drawer to see if there was an access key.  When I didn't find one I imaginied I'd been a complete idiot and still had it on the keyring with the rest of the keys. Daughter went off to the car rental place to pick up my son, calling my husband who was fortunately on the way home from work.  When he got home he tried using the fob to no avail.  He went online to see if it was a common problem and found quite a few posts to that effect.  He decided to see if it was the battery and messed around with the fob and that little button....lo and behold....when you push the button and hold the top of the fob and pull....A KEY SLID OUT. A key!!!!  In the fob.  Who knew??? 

Interesting to note that not one of the posts mentioned The Secret Key, including one from a techinician for my particular brand of car who had exclaimed in capital letters {shouting} that it was impossible to lock the fob inside a running car.  To him I say go back to school.

And yes I disabled the walk away lock feature.

Time to get thinking about my Twitter Art Exhibit submission, as soon as I put away the Christmas tree and decorations on the 6th.

Blessed Be.


Posted on December 9, 2019 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Another year has almost gone. I can't believe how fast time is going, it seems very true that the older you get, the faster it goes.  We've had some early snow this year, and all the weather people were predicting a bit of a doom and gloom winter.  There's already been some fairly significant storms with resulting accumulations that were alarmingly early, but today I read that Envirionment Canada is now saying the winter will be milder than normal.  That said, I suppose it might mean more of the white stuff.  I'm not as worried as I usually am mind you, I'm no longer having to face that dreadful long commute to work.  I'm doing a lot of work from home and concentrating on my art this winter. 

New for me this year was the addition of hand painted wooden Christmas ornaments. I'm happy to say that they were a pretty big success and I will be continuing them for next Christmas. I also painted ornaments to match each of my Christmas card line and packaged them as a set. That idea was particularly popular as a small add-on gift or a teacher's gift.

Last Saturday was my last show of the season.  I've had a pretty good year and am most grateful to all who have supported my work this and every year.  A huge thank you to all who visited me at my various events throughout the year, and to all the event organisers who work tirelessly to promote and stage these great shows.  Special thanks to Valerie Leming and Carol and Ken Ormsby who were responsible for organising and hosting three shows this year at the Ormsbys' Garden Centre in Meaford.  I've often said it is my favourite venue to be and hope to continue participating in 2020. Thanks to Heather Carroll and The Loft Gallery for hosting another amazing Square Foot Show where I was fortunate to sell three of my submissions.

I'd like to thank all those who purchased my artwork this year; from large pieces to simple cards, it is my hope that you get as much enjoyment out of my work as I do creating it.   

Last but certainly not least...I wish to say thank you to all those who support me during the year, your comments and lovely compliments keep me going and encourage me to continue with my work.

My next endeavour is to focus on my Twitter Art Exhibit submission.  This year it is in support of Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs Board and is taking place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The past four years I've been excited to participate in this fantastic organisation and even more thrilling was that my little piece sold on opening night for the past two. 

See you next year.  Happy Holidays, Blessed Yule, Happy Christmas!  Peace to all, whatever you are celebrating.

Blessed Be.

Remember, Remember.

Posted on November 11, 2019 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

November has always felt a little sad for me.  The year is amost at an end, and I look at this time as the "dark" part of the year, both literally and figuratively.  My childhood memories of living on an Air Force Base in England where Dad was stationed are mostly pretty wonderful, if you discount the sporadic air raid drills which resulted in being startled out of sleep, or the amazing supersonic Lightning fighter jets which, on their training flights regularly cracked our windows by breaking the sound barrier. Once the siren went off Dad would immediately have to get up and put on his uniform and go to the Military Transport Section,  or commonly referred to as the MT Section where he was Chief Techincian. 

November the Fifth, or Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, whichever you prefer, is one of the fondest memories the chill in the air, the smell of the fireworks, just the excitement of it all.   All year old furniture and other debris was collected and piled into an enormous bonfire.  There was an incredible fireworks display and we enjoyed jacket potatoes and paper cups of steaming oxtail soup.  Everyone celebrated the demise of the unfortunate Guy Fawkes, who appeared each year as a stuffed effigy and tossed onto the fire with barbaric enthusiasm; his yearly punishment for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the 1600's. But the sadness of Remembrance Day overshadows these memories at times, as well as the passing of my wonderful mother, whom we lost on the 16th of the month.

Winter has made a rather early appearance this year.  We are expecting, as I write this, a considerable amount of the white stuff.  I'm lucky today to be working from home.  I am working on a show which will take place in Meaford,  at the Museum.  I'm excited to introduce some handpainted Christmas ornaments, which I'm also offering with a matching Christmas card as a combination.  It will make a great small gift for that person who has everything!

Please take a moment, or actually two minutes out of your day today, Remembrance Day, and reflect upon those who never returned, those who returned hurt or changed, and those who continue to serve around the world.

Thank you.

Blessed Be.

Hello October!

Posted on October 7, 2019 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (3)

I simply can't get my head around the fact that October is already upon us.  The days are noticeably shorter; I'm not looking forward to the when the clocks go back!  I'm not a fan of driving to work in the morning when it's dark.  I've bought three different sized pumpkins ready to carve for one of my favourite times of the year, Hallowe'en.  I've avoided buying any treats so far.  If there's chocolate in my house I can't stop thinking about it....!

I had a wonderful day last Saturday, October 5 at one of my favourite venues, Ormsby's Garden Centre.  I know I've mentioned before how much I love the events held there, and I apologise in advance for repeating myself but I just can't say enough about it!  The friendly and warm welcome given to everyone by the owners, Carol and Ken Ormsby is simply stated, just wonderful and their garden centre and adjoining shop is full of beautiful items for sale.  There's a number of artisans who attend each event and to see familar faces adds to the atmosphere of community.  It's just an all around great day.  I'm pleased to announce that I'll be returning there for a Winter/Christmas sale on November 2. I painted some wooden keychains which debuted at this show and proved to be quite popular.

I've got a busy few weeks coming up actually.  I'm participating in a new (for me) event next Sunday October 13 at The Marsh Street Centre in Clarksburg.  I've been at the Centre before but not at this particular show.  I'm looking forward to it. After that there's the November 2nd at Ormsby's then a  Meaford Museum show November 16.  I'm going to wrap things up for 2019 by returning to The Marsh Street Centre December 7.  

I've been struggling since the beginning of September (Labour Day to be exact) with sore throat issues which I thought were resolved with a reluctant trip to my doctor's office. This resulted in my being given a course of antibiotics as it was diagnosed as a bacterial throat infection.  It disappeared just as I was finishing the prescription but made an unwelcome reappearance shortly afterwards and has continued to do so with brief periods of pain-free swallowing.  I'm not a fan of doctor's visits and I'm hoping that my body decides to tell the sore throat to get a grip and jog off but today I'm not well.  I'm giving until Thursday in the hopes that I'm not going to have to go.

That's it for now!  Blessings to you all.

Autumn Is Here, Baby Is Walking

Posted on September 23, 2019 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (3)


After a long break for the summer I'm back on the blog.  Today is the Autumn Equinox and although I do like the autumn season there's a sadness to it that I never fail to feel.  The Earth is preparing for the long winter sleep and as the days grow shorter a chill usually starts to creep into the air.  I must say though, so far the weather has been warm and glorious. Mother Nature is not ready to slip into Autumn just yet.....and that is perfectly fine with me!

Over the summer I worked on a special painting as a gift for a new business owner.  Here is 'Sonia's Butterfly' in it's forever home in the shop.

A rather exciting event that occurred over the summer is that my wee grandson Niko decided to start walking.  My daughter sent me a little video of him in a store that I'm sure I've watched at least one hundred times.  I just can't get enough of that little guy!

Lately I've been working on some smaller pieces for a small October show in my favourite garden centre, Ormsby's in Meaford.  The Scarecrow Invasion is in full swing with all the little figures dangling from the streetlights and dotted all about the town in little groups.  Autumn is beautiful in Meaford and the whole town gets into the Scarecrow theme,  There are numerous apple orchards in the area and you just can't beat the wonderful crunch of a freshly picked apple. I've been painting some very tiny pieces, some of which feature apples.

I'm thinking about expanding my line of cards to include more specific occasions.  I started out just doing cards of some of my works with no sentiments inside, then added a couple of birthday designs.  Last year I added three Christmas designs which did quite well at my fall and winter sales.  I must get busy and paint a few more Christmas themed works to use for more variety.  

That wraps up my first blog after the summer break.

Blessings to you and yours!


Summer Has Arrived.

Posted on July 2, 2019 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I am happy to say that finally we are seeing some really warm weather.  In usual Southern Ontarion style we have gone from chilly temperatures to boiling hot and humid.  Not complaining though!  The winter is still pretty fresh in my mind. 

I have done two shows so far, one at my favourite garden centre, Ormsby's in Meaford.  It's such a beautiful setting!  Amongst all those fragrant flowers and plants, seeing familiar faces and catching up on all the news, the day was lovely.  I'm always so pleased to occupy the same space (which they reserve for me!) and there's no tent or heavy apparatus to lug, which was ideal due to the fact that I was alone this time.  I managed to capture a great couple of photos of a fuzzy bumblebee busily collecting pollen from the many plants which I hope to feature him (or her!) in a future painting.  I purchased a lovely solar garden light from a favourite fellow vendor and restrained myself from indulging in fish and chips from the food truck that joined us. After the show I spent the remainder of the weekend in Meaford binge watching 'Downton Abbey'.  What a perfect weekend.

The Collingwood Arts and Music Festival, also known as 'CAMF' was moved up from the August Civic Weekend to last weekend, which of course was Canada Day Weekend.  It was also relocated to a street situation, in downtown Collingwood, a new location for us.  As it was an outside venue I spent most of the week prior nervously checking the website of Environment Canada alternating with the weather app on my phone.  At first there were thunderstorms predicted, sending a shiver of horror through me.  Then relief when the next time I checked it was sunny skies and warm temperatures.  Then rain.  Then sun.  Then rain.  I finally had to stop myself checking and just resign myself to whatever Mother Nature decided to dish out.  As it turned out there wasn't a cloud in the sky and brilliant sunshine was the only weather that we had to deal with.  The set up went fairly smoothly and I was ready not too long after the required time.  I'm usually scurrying about, flustered, moving things about until I'm satisfied things are displayed properly.  There were live musicians quite near to us, all of which were really good, especially a young band who covered a lot of my favourite music including Pink Floyd and The Beatles.  Also quite close was a terrific food vendor, who was serving a delicious non alcoholic version of a mojito.  It was so refreshing on a pretty hot day.  The icing on the cake was my sale of my painting 'Glorious Gladiolas' to a very nice lady who was going to take it to Florida where she winters.  A great day, made even more special by the visit of my little grandson Niko.  My daughter was also a participant in CAMF.  

I am hoping that CAMF wil take place next year but there were some rumblings as to whether this will happen.  I'd be so sorry to see this particular event cease to happen.  I've been doing it now for over twelve years.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Many Blessings to you and yours.  See you next month.

Spring. Is It...Is It Here?

Posted on May 26, 2019 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (3)

Last month I mentioned that I hoped all the April rain would result in masses of May flowers.  We've been getting a lot of rain still, actually today is the first rain-free day we've had accompanied by summer like temperatures.  I'm actually feeling the heat as I type this and am pondering turning on the air conditioning system.  My forsythia has bloomed and now the greenery is appearing, creating a nice full hedge for my little sparrow friends to enjoy.  I've been busy in the flower shop, putting in almost eighty hours on Mother's Day Week.  Things have died down somewhat there as I try to restore things in the design room to normal.  My cards have been selling at the shop, which I'm quite pleased about.

This month my little grandson will be a year old.  I can't wrap my head around how fast that year has gone.  It seems like yesterday that I was writing about his appearance; at the same time he seems to have been in our little family forever.  I simply cannot imagine life without his sweet face and character.  Truly a joy and such a delight.  He is discovering new things every day and I try to spend as much time with him as possible.

I am so pleased to announce that this year's Twitter Art Exhibit, in support of Art In Healthcare was an enormous success, with opening night and online sales to date reaching over £15,000 which is approximately $25,650 in Canadian funds.  The online sales are ongoing and can be seen and purchased through Art In Healthcare's website:

I'm also absolutely thrilled to say that both my and my daughter's postcard sold on opening night.  I can't express how excited I was to wake up to that message on Twitter from the buyer, another artist from Edinburgh that I was aleady connected through Twitter and Instagram with.  My daughter's card was also purchased by a fellow artist, and that's an awesome feeling.  That's two years in a row our work has been purchased on opening night.  Looking forward to next year's event which is taking place in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.  A place I was quite familiar with some years ago.

Next month I have two shows, one at my favourite Ormsby's Garden Centre and the other in Collingwood.  I had better get painting!!!

See you in June.  Many Blessings to you and yours.