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Warm Weather Is Finally Here!

Posted on May 18, 2021 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (4)

Finally the warm weather has arrived.  My lilac is in bloom and the fragrance is beautiful.  I'm so glad that winter has relinquished it's icy grip at last.  My garden has started to grow, the rhubarb is nearly ready for picking so crumble is on the horizon. It's my favourite time of year.

As far as the painting has gone, I'm afraid there has been a pretty big block.  I've attempted three times to paint a piece for Explorers Against Extinction, a charity event taking place in Norwich, England (near to where I last lived in the UK) to no avail.  I'm spending the next little while after I post this blog to look up another subject as I just can't conquer the lion I wanted to paint.  Lions are especially dear to me for a couple of reasons; when I was a child my father brought me back a stuffed animal lion and told me he would always guard me.  This tradition was carried on by my father who consequently bought my children lions.  I spent a lot of time searching for just the right lion for my grandson and did find one in Florida.  The other reason was my struggle to cope with the hunting and killing of the lion known as Cecil.  I have never been able to forget this cruel act, done in pure greed and ignorance.

One bright spot in the last few weeks was a message I received from the curator of this year's Twitter Art Exhibit, my little postcard titled "Three Green Apples' was chosen as a "Fav Five" by one of the Twitter Art Exhibit board members, resulting in my being awarded a feature page in this year's catalogue.  To say I'm thrilled is an understatement and I have ordered a copy.

This weekend is the first long weekend of the summer, "May 24" to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday.  I am planning to paint in Meaford, so I'm going to need a bit of luck wished.

On the Covid front....still in lockdown until at least June 2.  The numbers are declining however and vaccinations are getting done at a rapid pace, finally.  Our federal government has been lax with incoming flight rules, so the variants of the disease have entered our country unfortunately....they've also been slowish to procure enough vaccines at a reasonable rate but finally this seems to be getting better.

Please follow all the public health rules and stay safe.

Until next time.

March 2021

Posted on April 2, 2021 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes I know it's April today.  I don't have a real reason for missing my March blog entry.  Things aren't good here in my region of Southern Ontario.  The variant versions of Covid-19 have taken over from the original and are even more horrifying.  These variants, or VoC for short (Variants of Concern) have started to attack younger people and apparently are 1.5 times more likely to end in death.  Our hospital ICU admissions are on the rise and despite government restrictions such as lockdowns they continue to spread at an alarming rate, especially in my particular region.  On the plus side I am being told that I may be able to receive a vaccine fairly soon, at least a first dose,...the downside being that now experts are saying that our vaccination programme is too weak to keep up with the might of this virus.

So here we are, I do not feel particularly hopeful about any physical art events this year,  Online events do not work for me.  I've lost the urge to paint.

My Explorers Against Extinction painting has ground to a halt after three attempts.  I'm not sure I will even participate at all.

At work things are very busy being that we offer delivery.  We are allowed to have a limited number of customers and have things blocked off to prevent people from being able to access the entire area; that said we are still having to tell some people not to pass the barriers.  Hand sanitizer is always in my apron pocket and the door handle and counter are sprayed and wiped constantly after each entry.

Easter wil be another non-event, was as my birthday and tomorrow that of my husband's.  My daughter and her family will visit outside, which is better than nothing.

I never would have thought I'd be still writing abut Covid-19 a year later.

Stay safe everyone and please follow all your local public health guidelines.

February....My Most Hated Month.

Posted on February 6, 2021 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes it's true.  I've always hated February, it's an annoying little month that, although is the always seems the longest to me.  Of course this has been made much more to dread as it's the month of Valentine's Day....a day which most florists agree is the most chaotic.  Last year was the first of many that I did not dread, as I was at home thinking instead about my upcoming warm holiday.  Of course that's not happening this year, and maybe not even next, and I'm fine with that.  I just hope that this year brings about some relief from this awful virus which has so impacted our world for more than a year.  On that topic, things have improved somewhat, as a "stay at home" order was issued by our provincial governement in late January.  I was issued an exemption letter stating that I could travel back and forth to my job.  Once there we are locked in and when the workday is over I go home and stay there.  Once a week we shop for our groceries and other necessary items.  The numbers are down slightly but the concern is the variant strain that has been increasing.  Finally the federal government has come to the conclusion that traveling might not be a good idea and has got the major airlines that fly to popular sunny destinations to stop until April 30.  Also the federal government has imposed mandatory Covid testing for anyone entering Canada and forcing them to quarantine in a government approved hotel at their own expense.  I was happy to hear it but it's rather like shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped.  Next week our provincial government is apparently going to announce whether certain areas will cautiously reopen.  As my particular area of Ontario is a "hotspot" I'm fairly confident that we could remain in a lockdown situation.  It will be a different Valentine's Day!!!

I have sent my Twitter Art submission 'Three Green Apples', and it's been safely received in support of Leukaemia Intensive Chemotherapy

(LINC) in Cheltenham, UK.

I've been so thrilled that in the past three Twitter Art Exhibits, my little postcard has sold on opening night.  I hope I'm lucky enough to have it happen again.

Next I am going to be working on my contribution to Explorers Against Extinction taking place in Norfolk, UK, in fact quite close to where we last lived.  I will update this next month.  

Stay safe, please listen to your public health restrictions.  

Blessings to all.

Hello 2021. Will You Be Kinder?

Posted on January 9, 2021 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

This year is starting out in a most peculiar fashion....Covid-19 is still rampant, with the added horror of yet an even more contagious strain just to keep things interesting. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I'm afraid I must report that our numbers continue to soar every day.  People still aren't listening, and are actually becoming rather rebellious in their actions, gathering, ignoring public health officers and simply doing whatever they want.  When did our society become so selfish?  Perhaps it always was and Covid has just exposed people for who they really are.  Our health care providers are tired, hospital capacity is becoming overwhelmed and some other procedures will have to once again be postponed in order to make room for the ever increasing number of Covid-19 patients. Yet still I see, every day people posting online claiming this is all a hoax, a fear-mongering tactic created by (all) governments in order to control us.  Mustn't download that Covid app in case the government will track your whereabouts....but it's okay to have your cell phone (gps), your social insurance number (address, career and financial tracker for years) and post all your personal information and opinions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (algorithms).  I am missing a lot of important milestones in my little grandson's life.  I have FaceTime yes, but I haven't hugged him for months.  Christmas was almost a non-event, as I was right when I mentioned in my previous blog that we were not allowed to celebrate with anyone except our immediate household.  I accepted that, without too much surprise and thought instead about people who had no one to be with.  However there was a poll conducted in Canada which resulted in the fact that 50% of Canadians said they were going ahead with normal family gatherings at Christmas. In a week or so we will see the results of that selfishness.

The situation in the US is another horror unfolding, but given the past year I can't say I'm at all surprised.  I don't want to get into any further discussion because it's not my purpose of these monthly blogs, I will just say that it's my sincere hope that America can heal itself from all the hatred and division it has seen in the past four years.

 The Square Foot Show at The Loft Gallery in Thornbury was of course, online.  I submitted nine pansy paintings and happily I sold two.  It was the first time the show went online and ran for much longer than usual.  I was pleased to have been able to sell these two, and will post on my website and Facebook pages the remaining ones for sale shortly.

Today I was able to work on my 2021 Twitter Art postcard.  This year's event is in support of the Leukaemia Intensive and Chemotherapy Fund (LINC) and is being held in Cheltenham, UK.  I had started a piece prior to Christmas but I wasn't really happy with it.  I went down another route today and am much more pleased with the progress.

In other news, I was offered a job in a florist in which I worked 21 years ago.  I decided to return to the flower business after more than a year off.  At first my back and feet protested but after a few weeks I'm feeling much better.  I worked through the Christmas rush which went very well but now my thoughts have turned to the dreaded Valentine's Day debacle.  No warm holiday to help me get through it either!!!

Stay safe.  Do all those things that our poor public health experts have to keep telling everyone and above all, keep smiling.


Hello December.

Posted on December 8, 2020 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

As always I read the previous blog I wrote before writing again.  My last sentence referred to hoping for an improvement to our Covid-19 situation.  I'm sorry to say that things are, unfortunately worse than when I wrote my last entry.

First of all we, in my area of Southern Ontario have been in lockdown for two weeks, almost halfway through the four week minimum we were given to be in this stage.  Our schools have remained for the most part, open, with the exception of one or two that have closed due to outbreaks.  We are advised not to go out unless it's for work, school, medical appointments or to shop for food and essentials.  Non-essential shops and businesses are closed, along with indoor dining in restaurants, gyms and theatres.  Our numbers are reaching alarming rates, in every category; Hospital and ICU admissions, positive cases, positivity percentages and sadly, deaths.  Indeed a very serious situation.  There are vaccines available, soon to be landing here in Canada.  These give some hope I suppose although the process of receiving them seems a daunting task and will be a slow procedure.

Christmas will be a very different affair this year.  I'm afraid I'm going to miss seeing my daughter, her husband and my beautiful little grandson.  I do not blame our government for this like some people are doing,  I blame everyone who have carelessly and blatantly disregarded public health measures, without thought for anyone else, and just gathered en masse without any precautions. I've seen people posting online bragging about holding their big family holiday celebrations as normal.  I find this just so selfish.  

In other news, today marks the 40th anniversay of the dreadful day we lost John Lennon to a cruel, unecessary and violent act committed by a person whom I will not stoop to name.  I'll never get over this loss.  I have always been and always will be a huge Beatles fan.  They are part of my childhood growing up in England, and I feel very fortunate to have witnessed firsthand the craziness of Beatlemania.  There will never be anyone like them, in my opinion.  I feel they changed the music of the world completely.  There's an all day tribute to the man and his music, both his solo work and his Beatles' compositions.  It's both sad and happy at the same time and I must admit to shedding a few tears while listening.

In art news, there's not a whole lot to report.  I was extremely fortunate to join a few other artisans in an unexpected pop up market in Meaford last Saturday, put together by the chamber of commerce.  The space was large and airy, with all safety protocols and appropriate distancing in place.  I met some great people, both customers and fellow vendors alike and was able to make a few sales.  It was really fantastic to be in that atmosphere once again, due to Covid-19 of course everything has been canceled.  We were hoping to be able to have another one this coming Saturday but alas it isn't possible.

I've been very lax in getting to my Twitter Art Exhibit piece.  I started one, but I'm simply not happy with it so today, once I've written this blog, I'm getting my paints and brushes out.  I'm finding it hard to get any inspiration I'm afraid.  I hope when I write my next blog in January that things will have improved.

Stay Safe.  Stay at home if you can.  

In the words of John Lennon....."A very merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year....Let's hope it's a good one....without any fear..."

Best wishes and Blessings for the best Holiday Season you're able to have.

See you next year.

November, The Saddest Month With One Exception

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That one exception I'm referring to is the arrival of my son, born November 12th. 

Other than that, I can say with all sincerity that November represents much sadness.  Of course Remembrance Day figures in here, and since I can recall I've always shed a few tears on this day.  I can't watch the televised services, the images of those brave, yet now so frail war veterans are too much for my always "ready to dissolve into tears" emotional makeup.  The suffering of all victims of war should always be remembered as well as the service of those still in those roles, protecting our safety and freedom.

These two wars affected directly my own family. My maternal grandfather served in the army in WWI, and in WWII he served as a Home Guard. Mum's family lived in suburban London, and witnessed firsthand much destruction during the Blitz. Both my parents served in the Royal Air Force, Mum as a nurse, and my father as support (mechanical) staff. I remember the day the air raid shelter was demolished in my grandad's back garden, they were lucky to have their own, and didn't have to spend night after night in the "tube" stations.

This Remembrance Day also underlines what people were forced to endure during WWI and WWII.  Citizens were asked to make a lot of sacrifices, with their daily lives being curtailed, many, many shortages and family members and loved ones sent overseas, perhaps never to return.   I have thought quite often about this lately with our fight against Covid-19.  I'm amazed, and not in a good way, at the way some people are becoming increasingly upset at having to wear a mask, or having to have take away food instead of going to a restaurant.  These small sacrifices are nothing compared to what people were, and indeed still are forced to endure in wartime.   

Now for Covid-19 news.  My region has now been sent into a "red zone" designation.  Our numbers have increased to well over a thousand new cases in the province.  My region alone reporting almost 400 new cases, and the one hospital we have is already having to transport patients to other areas.  We are being asked to stop visiting anyone, even outdoors, and weddings and other large celebrations are banned in halls and banquet facilities until at least January 2021.  The words "dire" and "critical" are being bandied about.  I hope Christmas can be celebrated with my daughter, her husband and my little grandson, but I'm becoming more doubtful each day.  That said, I will again refer to what was the "norm" during WWII....My mother often spoke about having to combine rations to make some kind of Christmas meal, and loved ones often were apart for more than one Christmas. We must realise how much luckier we are now, and give thanks for those who made our freedom possible.

Art news now.   I submitted nine square foot paintings to the annual show at The Loft Gallery in Thornbury, ON.  These nine are a series of pansies.  It's gone online this year and is going to run much longer than the physical show has in the past.  It will run until December 31.  You can view all the work at  Curbside pickup is available and shipping is an option.  The gallery is also open with protocols for in-person shopping.

My new Christmas cards have arrived and I've got matching ornaments to go with them.  Makes a great small gift.  You can see these on my Facebook page The Art Of Anne Henvey.

My next project is the Twitter Art Exhibit.  I've printed the's a start.  Thinking cap is on.

Stay safe.  Wear a mask.  Wash your hands.

Blessings to all.  Hopefully things will have improved by the time I write my December blog.

October And The Consistency Of The Butter

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If you've ever read any of my previous blogs, you might remember that I use the consistency of the butter in the dish on my kitchen counter as a weather gauge.  Well this morning it was hard.  I've felt chilly for the past couple of days, as the temperature has been dipping into the single digits (gasp!) overnight.  Yesterday was wet as well, which added to the chill.  I must try not to complain too much however, as soon I will be wishing fervently for anything above zero.  I feel slightly cheated out of summer this weird year, it just sort of evaporated into a worrisome, anxious period.

In my last blog I mentioned my participation in a couple of online events.  Unfortunately they weren't as well attended as I'd hoped, but it was definitely worth trying.  I did gain some interest in my work so not a complete failure.  The lack of physical shows is very hard on us but health and safety of all is much more important, that goes without saying.  We must "carry on".

I have painted two new pieces to be used as an addition to my Christmas card line.  I just finished ordering them and hope to paint some matching Christmas ornaments and magnets to be sold in sets. I posted my work in progress photos of these pieces with great results.

Below are the finished works:

I'm still working on a large 36"x36" painting of a Meaford road.  I kept this piece in the house up there so the progress hasn't been as rapid as it could be, given the fact that I've not been there for a couple of weeks.  I'm hoping to work on it this weekend (Thanksgiving) and with any luck it will be completed.

On the Covid-19 front now, I'm sorry to report that our numbers have rapidly increased since my last blog in September.  Lately we've had as many as 732 new infections in one day here in Ontario, that's a record.  It was down slightly on the weekend but the fear is that with people spending more time indoors, coupled with Covid "fatigue" and Thanksgiving gatherings, we could reach as many as 1000 per day by mid October.  As I am in one of the "hotspots" of the province I'm going to cut down on my already few trips to the shops.  Christmas might be very different this year.

Stay safe, and Happy Thanksgiving to all in Canada.  We have a lot to be thankful here.

Blessings to you all.

September!?????? You Crept Up On Me.

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Hello and yes it's already September which I can barely comprehend.  The land is preparing to go for that long nap, changing into those autumn colours ever so slowly yet too quickly.  So naturally I'm now in "store food" mode.  I've made a few jars of preserved items, beetroot and relish and am preparing to bottle tomatoes and make salsa.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually bought a box of tomatoes yesterday as my own crop has turned out to be a little disappointing. Today I froze some of them in bags....I'm already thinking about soup. The temperature today is only 17C (which I'm sure I'll be wishing for in a few weeks). This summer was nought but a fleeting dream....or at times a very peculiar nightmare. I never imagined that masks and shortages would be something that is now an everyday occurrence.

Today I'm participating in an online event.  I haven't had much response so far, but like I've mentioned before, this is something I'm trying as obviously physical shows have simply not happened and probably won't this year.  As far as Covid-19 in my area goes, well, unfortunately the numbers are rising.  There's been a few incidents in my city of large parties and gatherings without much regard for public health recommendations being followed.  It's been recorded that a lot of cases are now occurring in the 29-40 year old population.  It's worrying and annoying that we've come so far only to slide back into high cases.  Of course schools are open too, on a staggered basis, some parents opting to continue online learning where possible.  I'm still sanitising everything that enters my house.  

As for my work...I have been slacking off in terms of painting anything.  I have a number of projects I must get to, but until lately I had zero enthusiasm. This past weekend I did start a fairly large piece I've been thinking about however, a 36"x36" canvas which I'm happy to say is coming along.  Today, while I monitor the online event I'm working on some keychains. I am also going to add a new Christmas card to my line of cards, so I'll be creating a new painting for that purpose.  Lots to get done! 

Stay safe, and keep vigilant.  Protect your health!

Blessings to all.

Uncertainty And Creativity Part Four

Posted on August 19, 2020 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

I read, as I always do, my last blog entry before I write a new one so I'll provide an update on my foot injury first.  It's still a bit painful but there's significant improvement since that last entry.  I did end up going to the doctor and had an x-ray which determined that there were no fractures or breakage.  I do have a tendon/ligament injury however and was advised to attend physio which I'm a little embarrased to confess that I've not followed up on yet. But I have been working with my acrylic paint pens on those keychains I mentioned as I rested the foot. 


I participated in a couple of online markets, without much success sales-wise but! I'm always open to try new things and get as much online exposure as possible, which I feel was achieved by doing them.  In this Covid-19 environment we have to explore new things every day.  I'm slated to appear in another one on September 14.  Hats off to all those organisers out there who are trying so hard to make up for the lack of physical shows due to Covid-19.  We are all feeling it.  In Collingwood the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts (BMFA)  have successfully obtained permission from the town council to close off part of Simcoe Street, which is off the main "drag" of the town, located near where BMFA's gift shop and gallery is.  There's an opportunity there to have a small outdoor show and sale, with just ten participants, all physically distanced according to public health guidlines.  I am thinking of doing this at the end of August.  

I also decided to try a little pop-up sale on my own front lawn in Meaford.  My house fronts onto a fairly well traveled road and I did get a few stops including a delightful visit from a fellow artist and good friend.  I enjoyed chatting with people and sitting in the gorgeous weather.....a "win-win" situation!!  I'm happy to report a couple of small sales and quite a bit of interest in my work.  This keeps me going.

On the Covid-19 front now, I'm pleased to say that my city in the Greater Toronto Area is in Stage Three of the cautious re-opening of our province,  This means gatherings of 100 people outside and 50 people inside.  Restaurants are allowed to open their dining rooms, with strict physical distancing between tables. Gyms are allowed to increase capacity.  Masks are still mandatory in all indoor spaces as well as outdoor markets with foot traffic carefully marked out to avoid crowding and two-way encounters.  There's understandable apprehension as our schools will open on a staggered basis in September, as everyone is thinking about The Second Wave.  Borders between Canada and the United States are to remain closed at least until September 21.  I hope it continues beyond that as many experts are suggesting.  The situation that our southern neighbours are facing is dire.

I have a stack of canvases waiting for me as well as all my wooden Christmas ornament pieces.  I've been lax as far as painting new work goes so I simply have to get cracking!

Blessings to all and above all, stay safe and protect your health. 

Uncertainty And Creativity Part Three

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Here we are in the later stages of July.  As far as Covid-19 goes, not much has changed,  In my particular area of our province we are still in Stage Two, still under emergency orders, with most of the province moving to Stage Three last Friday.  I've just seen via the daily update by our province that my city is remaining in Stage Two.

It's been hot and dry, with the odd thunderstorm here and there,  Yesterday we were under a tornado warning, which although alarming, wasn't really surprising given how very strange and unsettling this year has been so far. 

I finished the kitchen series I talked about in my last blog,  I will post these in my gallery on the website as soon as I finish this blog entry,  This series consists of ten 8"x10" paintings, painted in pairs, but just as effective alone.  The five pairs are artichokes, tomatoes, red onions, red peppers and carrots.  I don't really have any reason for picking these particular vegetables, they simply appealed to me at the time.  I myself am a huge fan of kitchen art, and have painted a lot of it, starting with my early works, mainly of various apples, that were very popular.

I haven't been very creative the past few days,  Last Thursday, with my mind a million miles away, I thought I'd reached the bottom of the staircase when in fact there were still two more stairs.  I went down with a pretty big bang and have now spent the last few days lying down to relieve the stress on my right foot.  I haven't yet been to get an x-ray although I did try on Saturday,  We have here an "urgent care" centre, rather like a gigantic walk in clinic, with the addition of handling day surgeries.  It has the capacity for on the spot diagnostic services, such as x-rays and ultrasound equipment.  However, much to my dismay it has been closed due to the shifting of staff to the main hospital to cope with Covid-19,  I could have braved the emergency department at our main hospital but frankly, in this Covid-19 climate I just don't feel comfortable.  So I'm resting as much as possible, with the much appreciated support of family, and staying pretty still.  Hoping that my ability to self-heal does the job.

I'm getting on my own nerves.

Today, thankfully I received my order of a great set of paint pens.  I hope to create some intricate works on some keychain blanks I found a few weeks ago.  I think that'll keep the creative juices flowing until I'm on my two feet again.

Stay safe, and blessings to all.